This site is based on a blog, which means that it is designed for interaction and has features commonly found in blogs.  Note that the terms "article" and "post" are synonymous and refer to both postings of session summaries and videos, and any news or informational postings.


Each article has a comment section at the bottom.  You can add a comment to reply to the article itself or to the comments of others.

It is possible to subscribe to the comments of a particular article with a "feed reader" such as the one built into Firefox.  This is a convenient way to follow discussions about that article.  Look for "Subscribe to: Post Comments" at the end of the article of interest.

All comments are reviewed before being made visible publically.  This can take a little time, up to several days, so if your submission does not appear quickly, don't be alarmed. We review comments to prevent spam and to ensure that the tone and topicality of discourse is appropriate.


It is possible to subscribe to the email list for the blog.  This list currently only distributes news items related to the blog (this site) itself and so is not likely to result in much email being sent to you.  News items, when they are posted, are entered into a single digest email message so that you will receive at most one email per day (on days that have any news postings at all).

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It is also possible to subscribe to the blog with a "feed reader" such as the one built in to Firefox.

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