(re)Discover Social Justice & Human Rights

Session summaries and videos from the Social Justice & Human Rights conference are now available. Conversation on issues dealing with social justice and human rights have continued in the months since the conference on the Centre’s blog Ground Motive, but these session summaries and videos offer a look at the specific topics spoken on at the conference, and the questions and conversations that opened up there.

The videos and summaries have all been pulled together into the conference blog.  There is also a wonderful documentary video of the conference available.  Altogether there is about 6 hours of viewing, and there is opportunity to interact with others by means of comments on each event.  We are also considering posting (or podcasting) some audio of sessions that we did not get video recordings for, but we can't say right now if or when that will happen as we are still reviewing the recordings for quality and suitability.  Watch the blog for more news on this.

This will be the last email you will get from the Social Justice & Human Rights Conference blog.  You signed up for news and the blog is now dedicated to the session summaries, videos and discussions. Thank you for your interest in the conference.  We hope you enjoy the materials we have assembled and will want to start or join discussions related to them.

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